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Eclipse (Macclesfield/Staglieno) (detail), 2022

Graphite on paper and wood, concrete

Variable dimensions

Those Things You Thought Unreal, 2021

(courtesy D.Kasper)

Acrylic on MDF

97,4 x 65 cm

Bowerbird III, 2021 & Synopsie (serie multimodale), 2021

Welded raw steel square tubes

862 x 573 x 255 cm

Eight analog prints on Fuji Clear paper, cables

Variable dimensions   

Photo © Aurélien Mole - CAC, Les Tanneries, Amilly

Un adieu (Scelsi il serpáio), 2021

Vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets, die cast zinc rings, palm tree trunk.Variable dimensions

Some Of These Days, 2021

Eight flight cases, aluminium, wood, speakers, cables, sound piece (duration 3H30).

Exhibition view, CAC Les Tanneries, Amilly 2021

Doubles & Trebles, 2020

(courtesy R.D´hers) 

Acrylique sur MDF

81,5 x 122 cm 

Infinite Fall, 2020
Wall-painting, acrylic, in situ
Photo © Mike Zenari

At tage det gode med det onde, 2020

Graphite on paper, birch, arthrospira platensis, chondrus crispus, astaxanthin, palmaria palmata, mother-of-pearl 

128,6 x 130,1 x 2,1 cm

elodie lesourd
elodie lesourd
Age Of Consent, 2019
(courtesy B.Violette)
Acrylic on MDF
76,5 x 106,5 cm

Synopsie (blackSheart), 2019
Print on paper, aluminium tape on paper and on floor
580 x 260 cm (on the wall)

QuasaRite (Morgen Im JunO))) ), 2019
Black gesso, aluminium tape on canvas, leather, rivets.
210 x 500 cm each
photo © Marc Domage

elodie lesourd

Non Finito Series, 2019
Gesso on MDF
Variable dimensions
photo © Marc Domage
elodie lesourd

Synopsie (Cœlestis β), 2019
Print on Fuji Clear paper, plexiglass, wire
92,9 x 140 cm
Unique printing
photo © Marc Domage

elodie lesourd

Pentagrama (Lambda Pictoris), 2019
Wall-painting, acrylic, in situ
elodie lesourd

For Lukkede Dører, 2018
Bronze, vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets, die cast zinc O-rings, screen, video in loop 25’, loudspeakers, sound (in collaboration with Stabwound Empire), variable dimensions

elodie lesourd

Solution #82018
Wall-painting, acrylic, in situ
photo © Printemps de Septembre, Damien Aspe

elodie lesourd

振りきれた風景, 2017
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, 85,6 x 128 cm

elodie lesourd hyperrockalisme

Step Into The Gloom, 2017
(courtesy K.Smolenski), acrylic on MDF, 85,6 x 128 cm 

elodie lesourd

Spirit Painting, 2016 
Wall-painting, pigment projected on the wall, 45,9 x 61,2 cm

Black Logick, 2016
Pine battens, acrylic, 1332 steel fixing systems, 20 x 20 x 500 cm 
Elodie Lesourd

Dead Sciences (Lewitt), 2016
Vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets, die cast zinc O-rings, steel hooks

Elodie Lesourd

IV Moon Domine, 2016
(courtesy N.Gansterer), acrylic on MDF, 16,6 x 124,5 cm

elodie lesourd NIB

N.I.B, 2016
(courtesy J.VanArsedal), acrylic on MDF, 73,2 x 107,2 cm

elodie lesourd stickers

Diagonal Science Series (SPIN031 - HH666-176)2016
Graphite, ink, stickers on paper, 50 x 50 cm

elodie lesourd stickers

Diagonal Science Series (KSCOPE145 / HALO38V)2016
Graphite, ink, stickers on paper, 40 x 50 cm


Diagonal Science Series (INFECT96CDB / MUT95852)2016
Graphite, ink, walnut stain, stickers on paper, 40 x 50 cm

Sunn O Boris

Diagonal Science Series (LORD 108-2 / LORD 108-3)2016
Watercolor, acrylic, silvered stickers on paper, 40 x 50 cm

joe jackson

Diagonal Science Series (CST081-2 / WAP375CD)2016
Pigment print on Hahnemühle paper, stickers, 50 x 75 cm
Unique printing

casino luxembourg

Duel 9005/S2070G10Y2015
Wall painting in situ, acrylic. Variable dimensions.

elodie lesourd fleurs

All The Flowers Sing in D Minor2015
(courtesy S.Ortmeyer), acrylic on MDF, 75 x 50 cm

Elodie Lesourd SIGNS

Vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets, die cast zinc O-rings, steel hooks, variable dimensions, installation view at Casino Luxembourg, photo A.Lejona

Kurt Cobain Elodie Lesourd

Pictures of You (As Dead as Kurt)2015
Print on polyester, 92 x 145 cm
Unique printing

Elodie Lesourd Mayhem Euronymous

Pictures of You (As Dead as Euronymous)2015
Print on polyester, 92 x 145 cm
Unique printing

type o negative lesourd

Nature Coming Full Circle, 2015
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, 72,6 x 97,1 cm

elodie lesourd

Let It Come Down#4, 2014
(courtesy O.Millagou), acrylic on MDF, 70,6 x 105,9 cm

It's Crying Time Again2014
(courtesy L.Harlow), acrylic on MDF, 73,4 x 114,3 cm

The Half of Half-and-Half2014
(courtesy T.Blass), acrylic on MDF, 35,2 x 52,9 cm

And I Knew The Silence of The World, 2014
(courtesy M. Benson), acrylic on MDF, 69,1 x 89,5 cm

La forêt d'en haut, 2014
Aluminium tape on wall, variable dimensions, installation view at Le Quartier, Quimper

Sunbather Elodie Lesourd MAC/VAL

(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, quadriptych, 235 x 351 cm

Vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets, die cast zinc O-rings, steel hooks, variable dimensions

Perforation Comète, 2013
Acrylic and pigments on MDF, 40 x 50 cm

I Want People to Feel Disgust, 2013
(courtesy S.F.Skancke), acrylic on MDF, 21 x 31,3 cm

Elodie Lesourd Kurt Cobain

Heaven in His Youth, 1993-2013
Graphite and black chalk on paper mounted on aluminium, lead, 30 x 40 cm

I Hope You're Good Where You Are2013
(courtesy W.Robinson), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 162,5 x 244 cm

Peste Noire Elodie Lesourd

Peste Noire, 2012
(courtesy P.N.Ledoux, P.Beloüin), acrylic on MDF, 30,8 x 46,2 cm

The Demon of Old, 2012
(courtesy E.Tidemann), acrylic on MDF, 70 x 105 cm

Tedesco and Pitman2012
(courtesy D.Foutris), acrylic on MDF, 173,1 x 226 cm

The Big Pink2012
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, 45 x 66,9 cm

elodie lesourd

Indonesian Prayer, 2012
Graphite on paper, aluminium tape, 169 x 263 cm

Left to Blind Destruction, 2011
(courtesy G.Phelan), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 190 x 190 cm

elodie lesourd black metal

36 Lines to Herostratus2011
Floor painting, acrylic, in situ. View at Les Eglises, Chelles (700 x 1200cm) 

We Remained All Alone2011
(courtesy G.Phelan), acrylic on MDF, triptych, 177 x 356 cm

Vikernes Elodie Lesourd

De Profundis (Out of The Depths of Sorrow), 2011
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

dark funeral elodie lesourd

Ornement et crime (Secrets of The Black Arts), 2011
Cut band t-shirt, epoxy resin, variable dimension

darkthrone elodie lesourd

You Can Lick Mother Mary's Asshole in Eternity2011
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

They Raised Up The Axe, My Head Was About To Explode When I Notice The Marshall Stacks2011
(courtesy A.Krone), acrylic on MDF, 70 x 105 cm

black metal elodie lesourd

Lamellar Armour, 2011
2000 plectrums, metallic wire, 43 x 214 cm

On The Origin of Evil, 2011
Graphite on paper, 60 x 84 cm

Plan 9 From Outer Banks2011
Graphite on paper, 40 x 40 cm

banks violette elodie lesourd

Blind Eye2011
Graphite on paper, 40,5 x 60 cm

faust emperor elodie lesourd

Faust II, 2011
Graphite on paper mounted on steel, alkyd paint, 60 x 87 cm

emperor elodie lesourd

Faust, 2011
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

The Things That We've Learnt Are No Longer Enough2010
(courtesy G.Phelan), acrylic on MDF, 48 x 48 cm

Ron asheton elodie lesourd

Death Trip2010
Graphite on paper, triptych, 80 x 180 cm

Easy Way Out, 2010
(courtesy J.VandeMoortel), acrylic on MDF, 114 x 161,4 cm

Warsaw, 2010
(courtesy K.Smolenski), acrylic on MDF, 114,8 x 170,3 cm

The Dead C2010
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 190 x 278 cm

I Kill Children2009
(courtesy C.Lévêque), acrylic on MDF, 36 x 43,8 cm

Graveyard in The Snow, 2009
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

Only Rock (detail), 2009
60 engraved woods, acrylic, variable dimension

The Bend #1, The Bend #2, The Bend #3, 2009
Serigraphy on paper, 56 x 76 cm each, unique printing

Venus in Fear, 2009
(courtesy S.deBeer), acrylic on MDF, 107,5 x 115 cm

W/ilso/n, 2009
(courtesy R.Wilson), acrylic on MDF, 104,5 x 129 cm

Electric Guitar, 2009
Fender acoustic guitar, paint, electric system, mixed media, 40,5 x11x 104 cm

The Dashpers2009
(courtesy J.Dashper), acrylic on MDF, triptych, 170,5 x 420 cm

You May Know Him2009
(courtesy J.Dashper), acrylic on MDF, 94,7 x 128 cm

Is This It?, 2008
(courtesy J.Lambie), acrylic on MDF, 58,5 x 76,8 cm

White Heat, 2008
(courtesy T.Koh), acrylic on MDF, 117,8 x 167,4 cm

Elodie Lesourd Black Metal

Famine (Emperor), Pestilence (Darkthrone), Death (Mayhem), War (Burzum), 2008
Ink on paper, 35 x 47,5 cm

Black Metal Elodie Lesourd

Black Pointing (Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown)2008
Ink on paper, 18,9 x 65 cm

Black Metal

Inner (Black Metal)2008
PU paint on steel, 100 x 170 cm

Varg Vikernes Banks Violette Elodie Lesourd

Vargsmål, 2007
(courtesy B.Violette), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 183 x 230 cm

Drum's not Dead, 2007
(courtesy T.Koh), acrylic on MDF, 117 x 170 cm

Deader than Dead, 2007
(courtesy C.Lévêque), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 198 x 198 cm

Elodie Lesourd Jim Lambie

Down at Rock'n'Roll Club2007
(courtesy J.Lambie), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 102 x 190 cm

Riley Series : Daudi Baldrs, 2007
Acrylic on MDF, 60 x 60 cm

Elodie Lesourd Inferno

Inferno #5, 2007
(courtesy L.Hersberger), acrylic on MDF, quadriptych, 280 x 380 cm

Sol Lewitt Elodie Lesourd

Wall painting, acrylic, in situ. View at MAC/VAL, Vitry sur Seine (420 x 1800 cm)

Lambie/Bijl, 2006
(courtesy J.Lambie, M.Bijl), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 84 x 224 cm

Odelay #92005
(courtesy C.Büchel), acrylic on MDF, quadtiptych, 259 x 370 cm

Claude Leveque Slayer Elodie Lesourd

I Wanna Be Your God2005
(courtesy C.Lévêque), acrylic on MDF, quadriptych, 270 x 402 cm

Implicit Content2003
Acrylic on canvas, 114 x 195 cm

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All Images © Elodie Lesourd