elodie lesourd

振りきれた風景, 2017
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, 85,6 x 128 cm

elodie lesourd hyperrockalisme

Step Into The Gloom, 2017
(courtesy K.Smolenski), acrylic on MDF, 85,6 x 128 cm 

elodie lesourd

Spirit Painting, 2016 
Wall-painting, pigment projected on the wall, 45,9 x 61,2 cm

Black Logick, 2016
Pine battens, acrylic, 1332 steel fixing systems, 20 x 20 x 500 cm 

Walking Through The Land of Falsity, 2016
(courtesy K.Smolenski), acrylic on MDF, 102,7 x 165,8 cm

IV Moon Domine, 2016
(courtesy N.Gansterer), acrylic on MDF, 16,6 x 124,5 cm

elodie lesourd NIB

N.I.B, 2016
(courtesy J.VanArsedal), acrylic on MDF, 73,2 x 107,2 cm

elodie lesourd stickers

Diagonal Science Series (SPIN031 - HH666-176)2016
Graphite, ink, stickers on paper, 50 x 50 cm

elodie lesourd stickers

Diagonal Science Series (KSCOPE145 / HALO38V)2016
Graphite, ink, stickers on paper, 40 x 50 cm


Diagonal Science Series (INFECT96CDB / MUT95852)2016
Graphite, ink, walnut stain, stickers on paper, 40 x 50 cm

Sunn O boris

Diagonal Science Series (LORD 108-2 / LORD 108-3)2016
Watercolor, acrylic, silvered stickers on paper, 40 x 50 cm

joe jackson

Diagonal Science Series (CST081-2 / WAP375CD)2016
Pigment print on Hahnemühle paper, stickers, 50 x 75 cm
Unique printing

casino luxembourg

Duel 9005/S2070G10Y2015
Wall painting in situ, acrylic. Variable dimensions.

elodie lesourd fleurs

All The Flowers Sing in D Minor2015
(courtesy S.Ortmeyer), acrylic on MDF, 75 x 50 cm

Vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets, die cast zinc O-rings, steel hooks, variable dimensions, installation view at Casino Luxembourg, photo A.Lejona

 kurt cobain

Pictures of You (As Dead as Kurt)2015
Print on polyester, 92 x 145 cm
Unique printing

mayhem euronymous

Pictures of You (As Dead as Euronymous)2015
Print on polyester, 92 x 145 cm
Unique printing

type o negative lesourd

Nature Coming Full Circle, 2015
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, 72,6 x 97,1 cm

elodie lesourd

Let It Come Down#4, 2014
(courtesy O.Millagou), acrylic on MDF, 70,6 x 105,9 cm

It's Crying Time Again2014
(courtesy L.Harlow), acrylic on MDF, 73,4 x 114,3 cm

The Half of Half-and-Half2014
(courtesy T.Blass), acrylic on MDF, 35,2 x 52,9 cm

And I Knew The Silence of The World, 2014
(courtesy M. Benson), acrylic on MDF, 69,1 x 89,5 cm

La forêt d'en haut, 2014
Aluminium tape on wall, variable dimensions, installation view at Le Quartier, Quimper


(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, quadriptych, 235 x 351 cm

Vegetable tanned leather, brass rivets, die cast zinc O-rings, steel hooks, variable dimensions

Perforation Comète, 2013
Acrylic and pigments on MDF, 40 x 50 cm

I Want People to Feel Disgust, 2013
(courtesy S.F.Skancke), acrylic on MDF, 21 x 31,3 cm

kurt cobain

Heaven in His Youth, 1993-2013
Graphite and black chalk on paper mounted on aluminium, lead, 30 x 40 cm

I Hope You're Good Where You Are2013
(courtesy W.Robinson), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 162,5 x 244 cm

peste noir

Peste Noire, 2012
(courtesy P.N.Ledoux, P.Beloüin), acrylic on MDF, 30,8 x 46,2 cm

The Demon of Old, 2012
(courtesy E.Tidemann), acrylic on MDF, 70 x 105 cm

Tedesco and Pitman2012
(courtesy D.Foutris), acrylic on MDF, 173,1 x 226 cm

The Big Pink2012
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, 45 x 66,9 cm

elodie lesourd

Indonesian Prayer, 2012
Graphite on paper, aluminium tape, 169 x 263 cm

Left to Blind Destruction, 2011
(courtesy G.Phelan), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 190 x 190 cm

elodie lesourd black metal

36 Lines to Herostratus2011
Floor painting, acrylic, in situ. View at Les Eglises, Chelles (700 x 1200cm) 

We Remained All Alone2011
(courtesy G.Phelan), acrylic on MDF, triptych, 177 x 356 cm

vikernes dead can dance

De Profundis (Out of The Depths of Sorrow), 2011
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

dark funeral elodie lesourd

Ornement et crime (Secrets of The Black Arts), 2011
Cut band t-shirt, epoxy resin, variable dimension

darkthrone elodie lesourd

You Can Lick Mother Mary's Asshole in Eternity2011
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

They Raised Up The Axe, My Head Was About To Explode When I Notice The Marshall Stacks2011
(courtesy A.Krone), acrylic on MDF, 70 x 105 cm

black metal elodie lesourd

Lamellar Armour, 2011
2000 plectrums, metallic wire, 43 x 214 cm

On The Origin of Evil, 2011
Graphite on paper, 60 x 84 cm

Plan 9 From Outer Banks2011
Graphite on paper, 40 x 40 cm

banks violette elodie lesourd

Blind Eye2011
Graphite on paper, 40,5 x 60 cm

faust emperor elodie lesourd

Faust II, 2011
Graphite on paper mounted on steel, alkyd paint, 60 x 87 cm

emperor elodie lesourd

Faust, 2011
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

The Things That We've Learnt Are No Longer Enough2010
(courtesy G.Phelan), acrylic on MDF, 48 x 48 cm

Ron asheton elodie lesourd

Death Trip2010
Graphite on paper, triptych, 80 x 180 cm

Easy Way Out, 2010
(courtesy J.VandeMoortel), acrylic on MDF, 114 x 161,4 cm

Warsaw, 2010
(courtesy K.Smolenski), acrylic on MDF, 114,8 x 170,3 cm

The Dead C2010
(courtesy AkillsB), acrylic on MDF, diptych, 190 x 278 cm

I Kill Children2009
(courtesy C.Lévêque), acrylic on MDF, 36 x 43,8 cm

Graveyard in The Snow, 2009
PU paint on steel, 100 x 160 cm

Only Rock (detail), 2009
60 engraved woods, acrylic, variable dimension

The Bend #1, The Bend #2, The Bend #3, 2009
Serigraphy on paper, 56 x 76 cm each, unique printing

Venus in Fear, 2009
(courtesy S.deBeer), acrylic on MDF, 107,5 x 115 cm

W/ilso/n, 2009
(courtesy R.Wilson), acrylic on MDF, 104,5 x 129 cm

Electric Guitar, 2009
(Fender acoustic guitar, paint, electric system, mixed media, 40,5 x11x 104 cm

The Dashpers2009
(courtesy J.Dashper), acrylic on MDF, triptych, 170,5 x 420 cm

You May Know Him2009
(courtesy J.Dashper), acrylic on MDF, 94,7 x 128 cm

 !⃤ Below is under construction...

Koh/Violette, 2008 (courtesy T.Koh, B.Violette). Acrylic on MDF, Diptych, 338 x 114 cm
Is this It?, 2008 (courtesy J.Lambie). Acrylic on MDF, 76,8 x 58,5 cm
White Heat, 2008 (courtesy T.Koh). Acrylic on MDF, 167,4 x 117,8 cm
White Light, 2008 (courtesy T.Koh). Acrylic on MDF, 167,4 x 117,8 cm 
Famine (Emperor), Pestilence (Darkthrone), Death (Mayhem),War (Burzum), 2008. Ink on paper, 47,5 x 35 cm each

Black Pointing (Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown), 2008. Ink on paper, 65 x 18,9 cm
Inner (Black Metal), 2008. PU paint on steel, 170 x 100 cm
Vargsmål, 2007 (courtesy B.Violette). Acrylic on MDF,Diptych, 230 x 183 cm
The Grail, 2007 (courtesy J.Armleder). Acrylic on MDF, Diptych, 198 x 130 cm

Drum's not Dead, 2007 (courtesy T.Koh). Acrylic on MDF, 170 x 117 cm
Deader than Dead, 2007 (courtesy C.Leveque).  Acrylic on MDF, 198 x 198 cm
Down at Rock'n'Roll Club, 2007 (courtesy J.Lambie). Acrylic on MDF, Diptych, 190 x 102 cm

Riley Serie : Daudi Baldrs, 2007. Acrylic on MDF, 60 x 60 cm

Inferno #5, 2007 (courtesy L.Hersberger). Acrylic on MDF, Quadriptych, 380 x 280 cm
MI LA RE SOL LEWITT, 2007. Wall painting, Acrylic, 420 x 1800 cm
Lambie/Bijl, 2006 (courtesy J.Lambie, M.Bijl). Acrilyc on MDF, Diptych, 84 x 224 cm
Odelay #9, 2005 (courtesy C.Buchel). Acrylic on MDF,Quadriptych, 370 x 259 cm
I Wanna Be your God, 2005 (courtesy C.Leveque). Acrylic on MDF, quadriptych, 402 x 270 cm

After Leveque, 2004 (courtesy C.Leveque). Acrilyc on MDF, triptych, 195 x 114 cm

Implicit Content, 2003. Acrilyc on canvas, 195 x 114 cm

All Images © Elodie Lesourd